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Job Market and Recovery

Bob answers a number of questions from listeners about the probability of a recovery in the job market for 2011. Listen to the discussion – Part 1 Listen to the discussion – Part 2

401K – Should You Continue to Invest?

If your company is not matching your 401K contribution, you should continue to invest. Hear from Bob why you should. Listen to the discussion – part 1 Listen to the discussion – part 2

Are All Home & Auto Insurance Policies the Same?

Great question by a listener. Auto insurance is pretty commodity but you want to review your home owners policy in detail. Listen to the discussion. Listen to the discussion

Saving for College

If you’re a new parent, Bob answers a question about how much should you save each month to have enough for your child’s college education. Listen to the discussion

Is Buying a Retirement Home in Another Country a Good Investment?

An interesting trend is investing in retirement homes outside the United States. Bob discusses whether this is a good investment and what to watch out for if you do want to retire to another part of the world. Listen to the discussion

Financial Spotlight on Retirement Planning

Bob answers questions on retirement planning. Within 10 years of retirement and not sure where to start. What do you recommend to someone who is starting to think about retirement? After you figure out your budget, now time to figure out what to save. How do you know when you have enough money to retire? When closing in on retirement years, what non-investment things can you do to get ready for retirement?

Interview with Anne Dickinson – East Beckwith Associates

Bob interviews Anne Dickinson, principal of East Beckwith Associates, on daily money management services. This portion of the episode focuses on seniors. Listen to Part 1 of this Episode In part 2 of Bob’s interview with Anne Dickinson, they discuss money management issues that occur in affluent couples. Listen to Part 2 of this Interview In the final episode of the interview with Anne Dickinson, Bob and Anne discuss money management services for small businesses. Listen to Part 3 of this Interview

Interview with Carol Sanchez, CPA

Bob interviews Carol Sanchez of CPA firm, Sanchez and Santiago in Marlborough, MA on changes in the tax code when the Bush tax cuts end. Listen to Part1 of this episode Listen to Part1 of this episode