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The New Retirement = The New Normal

The New Retirement = The New Normal

We’re in an era of The New Retirement, which is a mindset and a necessity, considering the unique factors that face present and future retirement outlooks. It wasn’t that long ago when people worked until age 60, then retired and collected a pension. But the dynamic has changed tremendously in the past 15 years.

4 Biggest 401k Investment Mistakes to Avoid

4 Biggest 401K Investment Mistakes to Avoid

You know the importance of strengthening your 401K for your retirement, but what you might not be aware of are the costly mistakes that many people make with their 401Ks. We certainly want to help you avoid short-changing your 401K – if not destroying your 401K altogether, so take a look at what we see as the most common 401K investment mistakes.

Retirement Planning Challenges: Unexpected Demands on Your Money

Retirement Planning Challenges

As you approach your retirement planning, and as you partner with your financial planner, you’ll discover a number of unexpected demands on your retirement funds. These unwelcome ‘surprises’ are simply realities of life in our modern times, but challenges nonetheless to your financial outlook in your retirement years.

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

If you’re thinking about getting into the real estate market, or expanding your real estate portfolio, you’ve likely heard the term REIT. A REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust, is a company that owns or finances real estate properties. You invest in the company that owns multiple income-producing properties, and you are not the landlord getting 3 AM calls about broken heating or dripping faucets. Someone else handles that. You own, and you collect your dividends without bailing water out of a flooded basement or changing light bulbs on a 20-foot ceiling.

Reverse Mortgages – Benefits and Risks

Reverse Mortgages - Benefits and Risks

Reverse mortgages are a relatively new product to the financial industry. The concept of a reverse mortgage can be very beneficial especially for seniors who have run out of assets to draw from to maintain their standard of living. In simple terms, a reverse mortgage allows a borrower to cash out a certain amount of money from the equity in their home to use as they wish.

3 Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing your living arrangements has become a popular topic in the financial community and rightly so. There are many financial benefits to downsizing your home such as reduced expenses and increased cash flow. Pair those with other lifestyle benefits like freedom and flexibility to do the things you always have wanted to do, and the argument for downsizing becomes more prominent.

Portfolio Rebalancing – Balancing Risk and Return

Portfolio Rebalancing

We are all familiar with the old adage that to be a successful investor you must buy low and sell high. I’m not sure anyone would argue this fact but unfortunately for most people this is a rather elusive concept. Why?

Why You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Umbrella Insurance Policy

An umbrella insurance policy, sometimes known as excess liability, is additional personal liability coverage that supplements auto and homeowner insurance liability coverage and protects you from a wide variety of risks. Umbrella policies have been historically purchased by wealthy individuals with substantial assets to protect, but anyone with assets and a decent income can benefit from the extra coverage.

Pros and Cons of Investing in a 401(k) Retirement Plan

401(k) Plans - pros and cons

A 401(k) retirement plan is an employer-sponsored retirement savings program that enables employees to save for retirement by making pre-tax contributions. A 401(k) is the dominant retirement plan scheme that most people in the U.S. will use to provide a decent income once they retire.